How to use this website

We’re all different. Not only that, most people prefer to do things in different ways depending on what they need to achieve. For this reason, we’ve incorporated a few different ways to navigate this website, to suit your needs and preferences.

The purpose of this page is to explain the navigation options embedded into this website.

Like most websites, the key to our functionality is our menu system, which you can see at the top of this page below the HEXAPODA header. As soon as you bring your cursor over the Menu tabs, they will expand to show you the selections available. The first point of note is that each Tab is is selectable – so you do not need to follow the structure through to the end unless it suits your purpose.

There are 3 main ways to navigate the HEXAPODA collection. Click any of the links below for more information on each.

· Insect Orders

Great for:
People interested in artwork that relates to a specific type of insect.

From any page on our website click ‘The HEXAPODA Collection‘ tab on menu bar just below our main header.

This opens a page detailing HEXAPODA items arranged in standard biological taxonomies based upon an insect’s order classification.

Each of these classifications may contain a variety of artwork mediums, so when you select one, another page will open allowing you to select the medium which interests you.

From here, you can select any individual item to see more information.

Alternatively …

From any page on our website you can hover over ‘The HEXAPODA Collection‘ just below our main header banner. When you do this a sub-menu appears below the main tab.

If you move your cursor into the ‘Insect Order Index’ this causes more sub-menus to open displaying the insect orders mentioned above.

Moving your cursor into any of these tabs progressively opens further sub-menus that list the art medium and then the individual item.

Selecting any tab at any point takes you to a page from where you can make further selections or get more information.

· Item Indexes

Great for:

People who prefer a pictorial view of everything in one place

From any page on our website hover over ‘The HEXAPODA Collection‘ tab just below our main header banner.

This opens a sub-menu from which you can move your cursor down to select either the ‘Art Jewelry Index’ or the ‘Print Index’

Either of these selections will take you to their respective pages displaying thumbnails of all items under that category.

To see more information about any particular item, simply select that item!

Alternatively …

If you know the specific item you are looking for, you can access it at at time from anywhere on our website.

Hover over ‘The HEXAPODA Collection‘ tab just below our main header banner.

Move your cursor down to the ‘Art Jewelry Index’ or the ‘Print Index’.

As you do this, each of the specific items in that category appear in the resulting sub-menu which opens.

Selecting any of these items takes you to a page where you can find more specific information.

· Search & Select

Great for:
People searching for items relating to a pre-defined criteria. Especially useful for Gift-hunters on a budget!!

From any page on our website hover over ‘Search & Select‘ tab located in our menu bar just below our main header banner.

This opens a sub-menu offering a whole range of pre-defined search categories.

Moving down through these items opens further sub-menus which list the specific criteria of that particular category.

To see the items which fall into any of these pre-defined criteria, simply move your cursor into the menu item and select it!

This opens a page displaying a snippet of information about each of the items in the selected category.

If there are more than 6 –  you can see more by selecting the “Click to view more ….” link at the bottom of the page.

To see more information and images about any particular item,  simply select the image, title or ‘click here …” link from its display box