How to use this website

We’re all different. Not only that, most people prefer to do things in different ways depending on what they need to achieve. For this reason, we’ve incorporated a few different ways to navigate this website, to suit your needs and preferences.

The purpose of this page is to explain the navigation options embedded into this website.

Like most websites, the key to our functionality is our menu system, which you can see at the top of this page below the HEXAPODA header. As soon as you bring your cursor over the Menu tabs, they will expand to show you the selections available. The first point of note is that each Tab is is selectable – so you do not need to follow the structure through to the end unless it suits your purpose.

There are 3 main ways to navigate the HEXAPODA collection. Click any of the links below for more information on each.

How do you ship items?

We ship Wholesale orders to US Retailers, via USPS Express Mail, at cost to the purchaser.

  • · Has purchased $3000 of items over the previous 12 months.
  • · Can provide a 25% downpayment on the order.
  • · Can provide 3 trade references from current suppliers.
Do you Drop Ship?

We’re happy to discuss drop shipping with you.

In fact for some items e.g rings which may require adjustment, drop shipping may be the most practical option.

Do you offer Wholesale terms to International Retailers?

Yes, we welcome applications from non-US based retailers.

Do you offer Net30 terms?

We’re happy to consider Net30 terms for any Retailer that meets the following conditions:

  • · Has purchased $3000 of items over the previous 12 months.
  • · Can provide a 25% downpayment on the order.
  • · Can provide 3 trade references from current suppliers.
What are your Wholesale terms?

Once your application is approved, we’ll send you our current Line Sheet detailing all items we offer for Wholesale, including their pricing, minimum item numbers and availability

For initial orders, we require a minimum purchase value of $1500 payable prior to delivery.

For Re-orders, we require a minimum purchase value of $500.

How can I purchase items Wholesale?

To purchase items from us, Wholesale, you will need to be an established business with a bricks and mortar, or online storefront open to the general public.

Once you complete our online registration, we will review your application and get back to you within a few days.

How do I place a Wholesale order?

Before placing a Wholesale order, we require a few details about your business, so we can be satisfied we are a good fit for each other.

You can register your interest by completing the following form:

Wholesale Application

How much commission will I receive?

For the first sale that results from our arrangement, you’ll receive 10%.

For the next sale, you’ll receive 20%.

From the 3rd sale onward, you’ll receive 30%.

Why do you stagger commissions?

Commissions are staggered only on the first two sales, which we do to help offset the cost of setting up the customized webpages and back-end systems

From the 3rd sale onward, the sales commission is 30% of each item sold

How will I know when a qualifying purchase is made?

We’ll provide regular updates on sales, plus you can track when a purchase has been made through the web stats we’ll provide.

How many items can I display?

You can display as many items as you wish, though as a general suggestion, we’d suggest perhaps one or two Image Blocks per page with between 3 and 7 items.

Do I have to display your Image Blocks on my Homepage?

You don’t but the more prominent our Image Blocks, the greater the likelihood of a sale, so we do recommend displaying them on your homepage or another prominent position on your website.

How can you ensure my customers buy through my dedicated checkout page?

One of the reasons your reader will have chosen to purchase an item is to help your organization financially. It’s therefore likely they will make a point of following instructions that will ensure this occurs.

To create more incentive, you may choose to contribute from your commission a proportion that equates to a discount for your readers – of say 5 or 10%.

However, even if your customer inadvertently bypasses your checkout page and purchases directly from us, if we’re able to track their route from the Image Block on your site, we’ll credit the sale to your account.

Is there a way to tell who clicks my Image Block?

It isn’t possible to specifically identify ‘who’ clicks an Image Block (unless you can track them via your own web stats) but we are able to provide access to statistics which indicate how many people and how many times the Image Block has been clicked.

We’re also able to provide statistics which shows when a sale has been completed.

We’d like to handle payment and delivery ourselves. Is this possible?

It is – but to do so, you will need to purchase our items wholesale.

If this is something that interests you, Contact us – and we’ll be in touch.

Can HEXAPODA Gift Vouchers be used by my leads to purchase items?

Yes they can, however, if the Gift Voucher was originally purchased at a discount, the amount of commission payable once it is redeemed will be reduced.

What happens if my lead buys items in addition to those shown in my Image Block?

As long as your lead comes through a link from your Image Block, we’ll credit your account with all sales that result from that visit.

For example, if your lead purchases 5 items in total, only one of which was displayed in your Image Block, we’ll credit your account with up to 30% of the sale price from each of those transactions.

What happens if my lead buys something other than what is displayed in the Image Block?

As long as your lead comes through a link from your Image Block, we’ll credit your account with any sale that results from that visit.

Are HEXAPODA Gift Vouchers purchased by my lead commissionable?

Yes they are. You can choose to feature our Gift Vouchers in an Image Block, or alternatively if your lead comes to our site via an Image Block and we can track them, we will pay commission on all other purchases including Gift Vouchers.

If my lead buys additional items, will any incentive discount I choose to offer apply to all items?

No, the incentive discount will only apply to the specific items that are included in your Image Block. Additional items will be at standard retail prices.

What happens if my lead returns and buys more items?

If your lead returns through your Image Block link, then we’ll credit your account with any sales that result.

If they come through the front door of our website – and we’re able to identify them as someone that originally came through your Image Block, then we’ll also credit their purchase to your account, provided the purchase is made within 30 days of their original visit from your Image Block.

Are discounted additional items bought by my lead commissionable?

Sorry. Only full priced retail items are commissionable.

Can you tell me who has purchased items through an Image Block on my website?

In accordance with our Privacy Policy, we’re unable to specifically identify who has purchased items through your Image Block but we are able to tell you how many people have done so.

If this information interests you, there are ways to encourage people who have purchased to post on your social media sites the items they have bought and in so doing encourage others to follow their example.

Can I place the Image Block on other websites?

Image Blocks are intended only for the websites they were created for, however, let us know more details and we’ll be happy to consider if the website you are proposing is acceptable.

You can, but we’d suggest only doing so as part of a text-based informational paragraph, not as an alternative to an Image Block.

Anything you do to promote our association increases the chance of a sale.

Including details in your newsletter or on your social media channels are a great way to increase sales and additional revenue.

Can I cancel our arrangement at any time?

You can cancel at any time, however, we would initially ask you to agree to a minimum trial period of at least 6 months.

When and how will I receive my commission?

Commissions accrue as soon as a sale completes, which is normally 90 days.

The reason this period is so long is because of Chargebacks.

Chargebacks occur when a purchaser for whatever reason, decides to raise a claim for a refund with their credit card issuer. This can occur for a variety of reasons.

When a chargeback is raised, the card issuer will claw back the funds until the review of claim is completed. More often than not when this occurs, the sale will be voided.

The length of time before funds are fully cleared varies depending on how the funds were originally submitted.

Once cleared, we’ll submit payment via PayPal or Bank transfer whenever the total accrued commission exceeds $100.

When will I receive our commission – and how?

Commissions accrue as soon as a sale is made but become payable only after a sale completes, which is normally 90 days.

The reason this period is so long is because of chargebacks.

Chargebacks occur when a purchaser for whatever reason, decides to raise a claim for a refund with their credit card issuer. This can occur for a variety of reasons.

When a chargeback is raised, the card issuer will claw back the funds (from us) until the review of claim is completed. More often than not when this occurs, the sale will be voided.

The length of time before funds are fully cleared varies depending on how the funds were originally submitted.

Once cleared, we’ll submit payment via PayPal, Google Wallet or Bank transfer whenever the total accrued commission exceeds $100.

How can we be sure you will handle our lead’s payment details securely?

All purchases through our website are made by credit card and processed by either Paypal, Square or Google Wallet.

We do not have access to your lead’s payment details so do not have the opportunity to either store – or lose it.

For those leads that do complete a sale, we will have access to their mailing address and email, both of which we keep securely and will not sell or share with any 3rd party organizations – except in relation to fulfillment of the order e.g postal service.

How long do you take to ship items that have been ordered?

Those items which we have in stock ship within a couple of days.

If items are back-ordered, we will contact your lead, provide them with an estimate of when the item will be available, and offer them the opportunity to cancel the sale should the delivery time be unacceptable.

Do you also Wholesale your items?

Yes we do!

Please contact us with yout details and we’ll get back to you.

I’m interested, what’s the next step?

Great! Contact us – and we’ll be in touch.

What is the HEXAPODA BUG Program?

The HEXAPODA BUG Program (Bought Under Guarantee)  is a customer service initiative designed to allow purchasers of our items, the opportunity to check out their choice in the comfort of their home. If the piece does not meet their expectations, it can be returned for a full refund – less shipping costs.

The program is currently only available for deliveries to the USA mainland but we expect to extend the program to include other areas shortly.

Does the BUG program apply to all HEXAPODA items on your website?

Mostly – as confirmed by the statement “Available for purchase under the HEXAPODA BUG Program” on the item’s sales page.

Does the BUG program apply to orders from non-US countries?

The program applies to orders received from anywhere in the world for deliveries to the US mainland.

The reason for this limitation at this point in time is twofold: The cost of insured mail and the time it takes for delivery.

We are of course able to ship items overseas as part of our normal ordering process, however, those items will not be covered by the BUG program.

Does the BUG program apply to items on special offers?

Yes and No.

The program itself only applies to items purchased directly from our main website – which means an item must be initially purchased at full price.

However, if you then choose to keep the item, we’d be happy to offer you the same benefits of any special offer that applied to that item within the last 28 days – simply let us know where you saw the item on special offer.

If the offer was in the form of a price reduction, then the difference will be refunded to you as a non-expiring credit to be used against any future purchases. If it was in the form of a benefit of some kind, then we’d be happy to extend the same benefit to you.

How long do I have to review a purchase?

You have 5 days from the day after we receive notification that the item was either delivered or that delivery was attempted.

If you intend to return the item to us for a cash refund, you must let us know before the end of the 5th day that you intend to return it to us and must have it in the mail back to us before the end of day 7

When does the 5 day review period start?

The 5 day review period starts from the day after we receive notice that either: The item was successfully delivered or that delivery was attempted.

In the latter case, it will be up to you to arrange re-delivery or collection of the package from your local Post Office.

Can I return an item after the 5 day review period?

If you wish to return an item after the 5 day review period has expired but within 10 days, we’ll be happy to offer you a non-expiring credit equal to the calculated refund.

After 10 days, then we will not be able to offer a refund.

Why is the review period only 5 days?

The purpose of the BUG program is to offer you the opportunity to experience one of our pieces in person, much as you would if you purchasing it from a Boutique or Gallery – only better as you’ll be able to experience it in the comfort of your own home.

In a retail environment, there would often only be the time that you were in the store to review your purchase, therefore, with the added benefit of being able to review our items in the comfort of you own home, we feel 5 days should be more than sufficient.

How should I return the item should I choose to do so?

Contact us to let us know and we’ll email you a prepaid postage label to print out on your printer.

You’ll also need to securely repackage the piece in the original packaging (or if that is unavailable similarly secure packaging) and affix the prepaid label to the package.

You then have the choice of arranging for a USPS collection from your home address, posting it into any USPS postbox or taking it to a USPS Post Office where it will be immediately registered into their system and a receipt given confirming details. (recommended)

Can I exchange the item for another after sending it back?

Yes you can.

Simply let us know which item you’d like to try next and we’ll make arrangements. If the item is more expensive, then a supplementary refundable payment will need to be made.

How much are the shipping costs that will be deducted from my refund?

Shipping costs are based upon Insured 2-3 day delivery.

Outbound and return shipping costs in the majority of cases for orders below $450 to the contiguous USA will be $15 x 2 = $30 in total per item

For example:

If you order one item and then choose to return it – You’ll receive a full refund less $15 x 2 =$30

If you order 3 items and return 2 – You’ll receive a full refund less ($15 x 2) x 2 =$60

Will the package you send require me to be home to receive it?

If your order comes to less than $250, then USPS may choose to leave the it at your address, if a secure place is available to do so.

If the total value of your order is over $250,  an adult signature will be required to accept delivery.

In both cases, if you miss delivery, you can re-schedule it for a time when you will be there or alternatively go to your local Post Office (with official Photo ID) and collect it from there.

How long does it take for you to process refunds?

When we receive the returned item, we’ll aim to process your refund within 7 days.

Does somebody need to be at my address to receive delivery?

If your total order comes to less than $250, then the terms of the insurance we use does not require someone to be present at your address to sign for the package.

If the package does require a signature and there is no adult available to provide one, the carrier will normally leave a delivery notification which you can use to either re-schedule delivery for another time or alternatively go to their depot to collect the package in person.

Who is responsible for the Return Shipping?

Ultimately, you are responsible to ensure that we receive the item back in its original condition.

As a courtesy, once you let us know you want to return an item, we’ll send you a postage paid, fully insured, USPS shipping label to use for the return.

You will be able to monitor the package on its route back to us via the included tracking.

Can I use UPS or FEDEX to return items?

Ultimately, you’re responsible for returning the item to us in an unused condition in order to be eligible for a refund.

How you choose to do that is your decision but we strongly recommend that you use an insured, trackable mail service.

In the event you choose and pay for the return shipping directly, we’ll only deduct the initial outbound shipping from your refund.

Why are your terms so rigid?

Please accept our apologies if our terms appear strict. The program is currently being trialled and we shall adjust it accordingly as a result of constructive feedback and experience.

Please bear with us as we embark on this ambitious program to provide a better customer experience of our products.

· Insect Orders

Great for:
People interested in artwork that relates to a specific type of insect.

From any page on our website click ‘The HEXAPODA Collection‘ tab on menu bar just below our main header.

This opens a page detailing HEXAPODA items arranged in standard biological taxonomies based upon an insect’s order classification.

Each of these classifications may contain a variety of artwork mediums, so when you select one, another page will open allowing you to select the medium which interests you.

From here, you can select any individual item to see more information.

Alternatively …

From any page on our website you can hover over ‘The HEXAPODA Collection‘ just below our main header banner. When you do this a sub-menu appears below the main tab.

If you move your cursor into the ‘Insect Order Index’ this causes more sub-menus to open displaying the insect orders mentioned above.

Moving your cursor into any of these tabs progressively opens further sub-menus that list the art medium and then the individual item.

Selecting any tab at any point takes you to a page from where you can make further selections or get more information.

· Item Indexes

Great for:

People who prefer a pictorial view of everything in one place

From any page on our website hover over ‘The HEXAPODA Collection‘ tab just below our main header banner.

This opens a sub-menu from which you can move your cursor down to select either the ‘Art Jewelry Index’ or the ‘Print Index’

Either of these selections will take you to their respective pages displaying thumbnails of all items under that category.

To see more information about any particular item, simply select that item!

Alternatively …

If you know the specific item you are looking for, you can access it at at time from anywhere on our website.

Hover over ‘The HEXAPODA Collection‘ tab just below our main header banner.

Move your cursor down to the ‘Art Jewelry Index’ or the ‘Print Index’.

As you do this, each of the specific items in that category appear in the resulting sub-menu which opens.

Selecting any of these items takes you to a page where you can find more specific information.

· Search & Select

Great for:
People searching for items relating to a pre-defined criteria. Especially useful for Gift-hunters on a budget!!

From any page on our website hover over ‘Search & Select‘ tab located in our menu bar just below our main header banner.

This opens a sub-menu offering a whole range of pre-defined search categories.

Moving down through these items opens further sub-menus which list the specific criteria of that particular category.

To see the items which fall into any of these pre-defined criteria, simply move your cursor into the menu item and select it!

This opens a page displaying a snippet of information about each of the items in the selected category.

If there are more than 6 –  you can see more by selecting the “Click to view more ….” link at the bottom of the page.

To see more information and images about any particular item,  simply select the image, title or ‘click here …” link from its display box

Is a HEXAPODA Gift Voucher a physical item or an electronic one?

It can be both.

While Gift Vouchers are delivered electronically by email, the Gift Voucher itself, is attached as an image file.

This file can then be printed onto paper/card via any standard printer – similar to if you were printing a photograph.

Is a Gift Voucher the same as a Gift Certificate/Card?

As far as we’re concerned, yes they are – a prepaid credit normally given to one person from another as a gift.

A notable difference however, between our Gift Vouchers and others is the fact that ours can be personalized specifically to the Recipient and include a personal note from the sender.

This makes them a highly personal gift that shows thought and consideration.

Can you send a physical HEXAPODA Gift Voucher by postal mail?

At this point in time, we don’t offer Gift Vouchers by postal mail.

We will however, consider custom order requests for a modest additional charge.

Contact us if this is something you’re interested in.

Can a HEXAPODA Gift Voucher be sent to a Recipient directly?

We normally email Gift Vouchers directly to the Purchaser, however, it is possible for us to email them directly to the Recipient if we are requested to do so, but we do not recommend this option.

The reason for this is that since our Gift Vouchers are transmitted electronically – by email – we cannot guarantee the Recipient will receive it directly, without it first being directed to their spam folder – along with the potential risk of them missing it altogether.

For this reason, we recommend Gift Vouchers are given to the Recipient by the original Purchaser, who has the choice to forward it by email, or print it out and give it to them directly.

Please note: Many email client programs will automatically redirect email from those senders not already in an email Receiver’s Safe Senders List, to their spam folder. If you are an existing contact of the Receiver, there is a much greater likelihood that your email will be received directly, instead of being directed to the spam folder.

How quickly can a Gift Voucher order be processed?

We aim to process all Gift Voucher orders within 48 hrs, though there are periods when this may not be possible.

If processing time is important to you, contact us beforehand, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your requirements.

Can I include a personalized note on the HEXAPODA Gift Voucher?

Of course! it’s the personal touch that makes our Gift Vouchers great gifts.

As part of the ordering process, there is a short form where you can provide all necessary details

Can I order a generic Gift Voucher that I can give to anybody?

At this point in time to reduce the risk of fraudulent usage, we only offer non-transferable, personalized Gift Vouchers

What are the requirements to print out a HEXAPODA Gift Voucher & Greeting Card?

If you wish to print a HEXAPODA Gift Voucher or Greeting card, you can to do so using any standard printer.

For best results, we recommend printing at full size, in color, on letter-sized (8-1/2″ x 11″), smooth card stock.

After printing the Gift Voucher, you will notice a thin border around it that can be used as a guide for trimming. Once trimmed, the Gift Voucher will fit inside a HEXAPODA Greeting Card.

Printing the HEXAPODA Greeting Card is similar to printing the Gift Voucher. However, in addition to border lines which provide a guide for trimming, it also includes a fold line, which when folded to to keep the printed images on the outside, creates a blank Greeting card into which the Gift Voucher will fit.

The Greeting card and Gift Voucher will then fit into any standard 5-1/4″ x 7-1/4″ A7 envelope*

Please Note: The Recipient does not need to have a physical Gift Voucher to redeem it, just the information that is included at the bottom of the Voucher itself, so please make sure that this information is included in the printed copy.

* If you enjoy the hands-on approach, you can also make an A7 envelope by following the instructions in this excellent tutorial from

Can I send a HEXAPODA Gift Voucher anonymously?

If you wish!

We’ll still need your details on file but we’re happy to leave them off the Gift Voucher itself.

Let us know during the ordering process and we’ll take care of the rest.

Are there any Shipping and Handling charges?

There are no delivery or handling charges associated with ordering a Gift Voucher and having it delivered by email.

When redeeming a Gift Voucher, Shipping and Insurance charges will apply based upon the value of the items ordered.

What can HEXAPODA Gift Vouchers be used for?

Gift Vouchers can be used toward anything for sale from The HEXAPODA Collection website – or from the Mielle Harvey website.

Do I need to print out my HEXAPODA Gift Voucher in order to redeem it?

No, you don’t.

All you need to do is visit the web address printed at the bottom of the Gift Voucher where there are instructions on how to redeem it.

Make a note of the Gift Voucher code too – also included at the bottom of the Gift Voucher – you’ll need this when placing your order with us.

How do I redeem a HEXAPODA Gift Voucher I’ve received?

At the bottom of your Gift Voucher is a website address, please visit it for instructions.

Alternatively, if your smartphone has a QR reader, you can also scan the QR code printed at the bottom of the Gift Voucher.

While you have your Gift Voucher visible, make a note of the code which is also printed at the bottom of the Gift Voucher; You will need this when you come to redeem it.

Where can I find the HEXAPODA Gift Voucher code?

The Gift Voucher code is printed at the bottom of the Gift Voucher itself.

If you received your Gift Voucher through email, the Gift Voucher is included as an attachment to the email.

If you received a printed Gift Voucher from the sender and the code is missing, contact us and we’ll do our best to help.

Do HEXAPODA Gift Vouchers expire?

Gift Vouchers purchased directly from our website do not expire.

Certain promotional vouchers do expire, and if this is the case, the expiry date is shown at the bottom of the voucher.

What should I do if the item I want costs more than the Gift Voucher I have?

Simply let us know which item you are interested in, we’ll calculate the difference in cost and send you an email invoice for the balance.

What happens if the item I want costs less than the Gift Voucher I have?

If this is the case, we’ll simply apply this as a credit to your account for use toward any future purchase.

Can I exchange my HEXAPODA Gift Voucher for Cash?

Unfortunately not. Gift Vouchers can only be exchanged for products.

Can I give my HEXAPODA Gift Voucher to someone else to use?

To reduce the risk of fraudulent usage, Gift Vouchers can only be used by the person named on the voucher.

However, Gift Vouchers can be used to purchase items for, or on behalf of other people, plus they can be used to purchase new Gift Vouchers to give to others.

Please note: New Gift Vouchers purchased from an existing Gift Voucher are subject to a $25/voucher administration charge.

Can I purchase a HEXAPODA Gift Voucher for any amount?

Gift Vouchers can be purchased for any amount in $50 increments – eg. $150, $200, or even $9950!


HEXAPODA is an entomological classification that for the most part describes the creatures we know as insects. The word itself is Greek in origin, and means six legs.

In our case, it’s also a nature-related artwork collection by multi-medium artist, Mielle Harvey.

Currently, the collection consists of a variety of original Insect-related, Art Jewelry items and Wood Block prints. Over the coming months we’re planning to expand the items available and explore new areas of the natural world.

Click here for a more detailed explanation about the philosophy behind The HEXAPODA Collection.

What type of person wears HEXAPODA jewelry?

This is a difficult question to answer definitively and its never easy to generalize.

While we feel there’s something in The HEXAPODA Collection for everyone – including men – it’s true say, it takes a certain independence of spirit to wear a provocative jewelry item like ours.

From the research and feedback we’ve received, our jewelry is popular with a wide group of people interested in subjects as varied as the environment, nature, healthy living, art, jewelry and of course, insects.

We’ve also seen an increase in businessmen – and women – wanting to incorporate an element of their personality into their professional image.

However, one thing for sure about our jewelry, is that it rarely goes unnoticed. It’s a great conversation starter – which presents an excellent opportunity to mention the importance of insects – but it’s also a great communicator – highlighting the wearer’s individuality and independent sense of style.

If you don’t mind being noticed, the jewelry from The HEXAPODA Collection may be for you!

Where are your items made?

All items in The HEXAPODA Collection are Handmade in the USA

Where can I find out more about your Delivery policies?

Check out our dedicated section for questions related to Delivery – Delivery FAQ’s

Where can I find out more about your Gift Vouchers?

You can get more information about HEXAPODA Gift Voucher Certificates by visiting our dedicated Gift Voucher section

Can I purchase items from

Many items on were made as private commissions, have already been sold or are currently unavailable for sale. However, let us know which items interest you in particular and we’ll let you know if it’s still available.

If a piece is no longer available, it may be possible in certain circumstances to recreate something similar through a Private Commission.

Do you charge Sales Tax?

We currently only charge Sales Tax on orders shipped to New York state, USA

Do you do Private Commissions?

Yes we do.

Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll be happy to provide further details.

How are your jewelry items made?

All our jewelry items have been created using an age-old technique known as Lost Wax casting.

Originally, each item is sculpted in wax to form a model from which a mold is created to cast the actual item.

The resulting metal casting is then finished by hand using a variety of sculpting and patina techniques to achieve the desired effects you see in each our pieces.

Because each item is hand-finished, no two pieces are exactly the same meaning the item you purchase is essentially a unique one-of-a-kind item.

If you’re interested in a more detailed explanation, you may want to check out ‘Making HEXAPODA‘ a series we wrote which explains the making of one of the HEXAPODA Magicicada.

Is your jewelry made from real insects?

None of The HEXAPODA Collection’s jewelry items contain nor require the use of actual insects in their manufacture.

We consider our jewelry as ‘wearable fine art sculptures’ which ‘depict’ a particular insect or creature – rather than include it!

Why do you use silk cord for your pendants?

We use silk cord for several reasons.

With all HEXAPODA  Collection jewelry items, the piece itself is intended to be the focus of attention, so we believe anything other than the simplicity of a silk cord distracts from the piece itself.

Using silk cord also allows us to make all of our pendants adjustable via sliding slip rings. This allows the wearer the option to bring the piece closer to the neck if they prefer.

Of course if you would prefer a chain instead of a cord, let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate your wishes.

Can I purchase one of your jewelry items in another metal?

If you’d like one of our Bronze items in Gold or Silver then in most cases this should not be a problem. If you’d like another metal or alloy, this will need to be considered on a case by case basis.

Contact us to let us know which piece you are interested in and your requirements and we’d be happy to provide a quotation.

How should I clean your jewelry items?

All HEXAPODA jewelry items including their silk cords are best cleaned if necessary using mild soap and warm water. A small soft paint brush can sometimes be useful for those hard-to-reach places. Rinse the cleaned items in clear water and allow them to air dry.

Never scrape, use abrasive cleaners, solvents or ‘jewelry cleaning solutions’ as these may damage the patina finish.

How do you supply your Prints?

All our prints are supplied flat against stiff cardboard within a protective wallet.

Do you offer framing services for your Prints?

Currently, we don’t offer a framing option for our prints.

Prints are supplied flat against stiff cardboard within a protective wallet and can be easily inserted into a frame of your choice available from many local stores or a specialist frame shop.

Do you accept returns?

In circumstances where an item is damaged or where we’ve supplied an incorrect item, we’ll of course accept returns for exchange or credit.

If you’ve received an item where the unopened packaging is obviously damaged, please let us know immediately. Please photograph the packaging if at all possible prior to opening the package and please retain the damaged packaging as we may require it for an insurance claim.

I have a store and would like to stock your items. Are you interested?

We’re always interested in exploring new partnerships with retailers who match the style and service we feel our customers deserve.

Contact us with your details and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Do you offer repairs on jewelry items bought from you?

We do offer repairs on items wherever possible though this will depend on the extent of the repair required.

Contact us with details of the problem and we will be happy to review the situation and provide you with a quotation for the necessary repairs.

What is your delivery policy?

For orders destined for the contiguous USA, delivery is calculated at the checkout.

For other destinations, please contact us for a quotation based upon your specific circumstances.

How long does it take for you to send items?

As quickly as we’re able, however, this does depend on several factors.

If you’ve ordered an item which is immediately available, we aim to have it on its way to you within 2 business days.

For everything else, we try to provide notice of an extended delivery schedule on the item’s description page, however in busy periods it may not be possible for us to give prior notice.  Should we not have a regular item available immediately once you have ordered it, in most cases, this may take an extra week or two before we have it available to ship.

For items marked as ‘Pre-Order’, we don’t allow you to purchase the item before we give you an estimate of availability. Once we let you know, if you still wish to proceed, we’ll require a deposit of 60% with the remainder payable prior to dispatch.

Do you offer delivery outside of the USA?

Yes we do but please read on.

Because our normal practice is to  insure all items whilst in transit, deliveries to destinations outside of the USA are likely to incur a sizable charge in addition to the purchase price of the item. Let us know which items you are interested in purchasing and where you would like them sent to and we’ll be happy to provide a quotation.

In addition, all items sent out from the USA will have to pass through customs upon entering the receiving country. This can sometimes cause delays to deliveries plus the recipient will also be responsible for any charges levied by Customs’ officials on the item. Since it can be difficult to predict what these charges will be, it is a good idea to clarify with the Customs department in the receiving country about how they are likely to treat the items you order from us.

Can you offer expedited delivery?

If the items you wish to purchase are in stock, then in most cases we are able to offer expedited delivery for an additional cost.

Let us know prior to placing an order that this is what you’d like and we’ll be happy to provide a quotation based upon your requirements.