Mielle Harvey

Mielle Harvey Mielle HArvey Mielle Harvey

Multi-medium artist Mielle Harvey feels most at home surrounded by nature, reveling in its complex simplicity. By removing the layers of everyday life, Harvey sees the world with a renewed clarity – and uses this insight to inspire her artwork.

In particular, Harvey finds the interconnected processes of growth, decay and renewal especially fascinating and has featured them regularly in her artwork spanning mediums as varied as Art Jewelry, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture and Wood Block Printing.

A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in Providence, USA and the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, Germany, Harvey tends to approach her work from a fine art perspective. This can be seen clearly in her Art Jewelry, where a sculptural approach to the medium has developed over time into her now recognizable, ‘wearable sculpture’ aesthetic.

Philosophically, Harvey often challenges the traditional concepts of beauty by combining elements which, on their own may repulse or attract but in combination, elicit a very different response. Through this unique perspective, Harvey’s work, which sometimes incorporates dark subject matter, has a unique capacity to bring optimism from sadness and awareness from indifference. For these reasons, Harvey’s work continues to be sought by individuals, collectors and museums around the world.

Artistically, Harvey currently devotes much of her time developing a recently-launched range of insect jewelry, called The HEXAPODA Collection. This collection features a range of predominantly insect-related art jewelry which expands upon her wearable sculpture aesthetic while helping to raise awareness about the importance of insects within our increasingly fragile ecosystem.

Harvey currently spends her time between Brooklyn, New York, Munich, Germany, and the mountains of North Carolina. She continues to teach part-time helping to inspire and encourage the next generation of budding artists.