· Insect Orders

Great for:
People interested in artwork that relates to a specific type of insect.

From any page on our website click ‘The HEXAPODA Collection‘ tab on menu bar just below our main header.

This opens a page detailing HEXAPODA items arranged in standard biological taxonomies based upon an insect’s order classification.

Each of these classifications may contain a variety of artwork mediums, so when you select one, another page will open allowing you to select the medium which interests you.

From here, you can select any individual item to see more information.

Alternatively …

From any page on our website you can hover over ‘The HEXAPODA Collection‘ just below our main header banner. When you do this a sub-menu appears below the main tab.

If you move your cursor into the ‘Insect Order Index’ this causes more sub-menus to open displaying the insect orders mentioned above.

Moving your cursor into any of these tabs progressively opens further sub-menus that list the art medium and then the individual item.

Selecting any tab at any point takes you to a page from where you can make further selections or get more information.