Is a HEXAPODA Gift Voucher a physical item or an electronic one?

It can be both.

While Gift Vouchers are delivered electronically by email, the Gift Voucher itself, is attached as an image file.

This file can then be printed onto paper/card via any standard printer – similar to if you were printing a photograph.

Is a Gift Voucher the same as a Gift Certificate/Card?

As far as we’re concerned, yes they are – a prepaid credit normally given to one person from another as a gift.

A notable difference however, between our Gift Vouchers and others is the fact that ours can be personalized specifically to the Recipient and include a personal note from the sender.

This makes them a highly personal gift that shows thought and consideration.

Can you send a physical HEXAPODA Gift Voucher by postal mail?

At this point in time, we don’t offer Gift Vouchers by postal mail.

We will however, consider custom order requests for a modest additional charge.

Contact us if this is something you’re interested in.

Can a HEXAPODA Gift Voucher be sent to a Recipient directly?

We normally email Gift Vouchers directly to the Purchaser, however, it is possible for us to email them directly to the Recipient if we are requested to do so, but we do not recommend this option.

The reason for this is that since our Gift Vouchers are transmitted electronically – by email – we cannot guarantee the Recipient will receive it directly, without it first being directed to their spam folder – along with the potential risk of them missing it altogether.

For this reason, we recommend Gift Vouchers are given to the Recipient by the original Purchaser, who has the choice to forward it by email, or print it out and give it to them directly.

Please note: Many email client programs will automatically redirect email from those senders not already in an email Receiver’s Safe Senders List, to their spam folder. If you are an existing contact of the Receiver, there is a much greater likelihood that your email will be received directly, instead of being directed to the spam folder.

How quickly can a Gift Voucher order be processed?

We aim to process all Gift Voucher orders within 48 hrs, though there are periods when this may not be possible.

If processing time is important to you, contact us beforehand, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your requirements.

Can I include a personalized note on the HEXAPODA Gift Voucher?

Of course! it’s the personal touch that makes our Gift Vouchers great gifts.

As part of the ordering process, there is a short form where you can provide all necessary details

Can I order a generic Gift Voucher that I can give to anybody?

At this point in time to reduce the risk of fraudulent usage, we only offer non-transferable, personalized Gift Vouchers

What are the requirements to print out a HEXAPODA Gift Voucher & Greeting Card?

If you wish to print a HEXAPODA Gift Voucher or Greeting card, you can to do so using any standard printer.

For best results, we recommend printing at full size, in color, on letter-sized (8-1/2″ x 11″), smooth card stock.

After printing the Gift Voucher, you will notice a thin border around it that can be used as a guide for trimming. Once trimmed, the Gift Voucher will fit inside a HEXAPODA Greeting Card.

Printing the HEXAPODA Greeting Card is similar to printing the Gift Voucher. However, in addition to border lines which provide a guide for trimming, it also includes a fold line, which when folded to to keep the printed images on the outside, creates a blank Greeting card into which the Gift Voucher will fit.

The Greeting card and Gift Voucher will then fit into any standard 5-1/4″ x 7-1/4″ A7 envelope*

Please Note: The Recipient does not need to have a physical Gift Voucher to redeem it, just the information that is included at the bottom of the Voucher itself, so please make sure that this information is included in the printed copy.

* If you enjoy the hands-on approach, you can also make an A7 envelope by following the instructions in this excellent tutorial from

Can I send a HEXAPODA Gift Voucher anonymously?

If you wish!

We’ll still need your details on file but we’re happy to leave them off the Gift Voucher itself.

Let us know during the ordering process and we’ll take care of the rest.

Are there any Shipping and Handling charges?

There are no delivery or handling charges associated with ordering a Gift Voucher and having it delivered by email.

When redeeming a Gift Voucher, Shipping and Insurance charges will apply based upon the value of the items ordered.

What can HEXAPODA Gift Vouchers be used for?

Gift Vouchers can be used toward anything for sale from The HEXAPODA Collection website – or from the Mielle Harvey website.

Do I need to print out my HEXAPODA Gift Voucher in order to redeem it?

No, you don’t.

All you need to do is visit the web address printed at the bottom of the Gift Voucher where there are instructions on how to redeem it.

Make a note of the Gift Voucher code too – also included at the bottom of the Gift Voucher – you’ll need this when placing your order with us.

How do I redeem a HEXAPODA Gift Voucher I’ve received?

At the bottom of your Gift Voucher is a website address, please visit it for instructions.

Alternatively, if your smartphone has a QR reader, you can also scan the QR code printed at the bottom of the Gift Voucher.

While you have your Gift Voucher visible, make a note of the code which is also printed at the bottom of the Gift Voucher; You will need this when you come to redeem it.

Where can I find the HEXAPODA Gift Voucher code?

The Gift Voucher code is printed at the bottom of the Gift Voucher itself.

If you received your Gift Voucher through email, the Gift Voucher is included as an attachment to the email.

If you received a printed Gift Voucher from the sender and the code is missing, contact us and we’ll do our best to help.

Do HEXAPODA Gift Vouchers expire?

Gift Vouchers purchased directly from our website do not expire.

Certain promotional vouchers do expire, and if this is the case, the expiry date is shown at the bottom of the voucher.

What should I do if the item I want costs more than the Gift Voucher I have?

Simply let us know which item you are interested in, we’ll calculate the difference in cost and send you an email invoice for the balance.

What happens if the item I want costs less than the Gift Voucher I have?

If this is the case, we’ll simply apply this as a credit to your account for use toward any future purchase.

Can I exchange my HEXAPODA Gift Voucher for Cash?

Unfortunately not. Gift Vouchers can only be exchanged for products.

Can I give my HEXAPODA Gift Voucher to someone else to use?

To reduce the risk of fraudulent usage, Gift Vouchers can only be used by the person named on the voucher.

However, Gift Vouchers can be used to purchase items for, or on behalf of other people, plus they can be used to purchase new Gift Vouchers to give to others.

Please note: New Gift Vouchers purchased from an existing Gift Voucher are subject to a $25/voucher administration charge.

Can I purchase a HEXAPODA Gift Voucher for any amount?

Gift Vouchers can be purchased for any amount in $50 increments – eg. $150, $200, or even $9950!