What are the requirements to print out a HEXAPODA Gift Voucher & Greeting Card?

If you wish to print a HEXAPODA Gift Voucher or Greeting card, you can to do so using any standard printer.

For best results, we recommend printing at full size, in color, on letter-sized (8-1/2″ x 11″), smooth card stock.

After printing the Gift Voucher, you will notice a thin border around it that can be used as a guide for trimming. Once trimmed, the Gift Voucher will fit inside a HEXAPODA Greeting Card.

Printing the HEXAPODA Greeting Card is similar to printing the Gift Voucher. However, in addition to border lines which provide a guide for trimming, it also includes a fold line, which when folded to to keep the printed images on the outside, creates a blank Greeting card into which the Gift Voucher will fit.

The Greeting card and Gift Voucher will then fit into any standard 5-1/4″ x 7-1/4″ A7 envelope*

Please Note: The Recipient does not need to have a physical Gift Voucher to redeem it, just the information that is included at the bottom of the Voucher itself, so please make sure that this information is included in the printed copy.

* If you enjoy the hands-on approach, you can also make an A7 envelope by following the instructions in this excellent tutorial from appetitepaper.com