Can a HEXAPODA Gift Voucher be sent to a Recipient directly?

We normally email Gift Vouchers directly to the Purchaser, however, it is possible for us to email them directly to the Recipient if we are requested to do so, but we do not recommend this option.

The reason for this is that since our Gift Vouchers are transmitted electronically – by email – we cannot guarantee the Recipient will receive it directly, without it first being directed to their spam folder – along with the potential risk of them missing it altogether.

For this reason, we recommend Gift Vouchers are given to the Recipient by the original Purchaser, who has the choice to forward it by email, or print it out and give it to them directly.

Please note: Many email client programs will automatically redirect email from those senders not already in an email Receiver’s Safe Senders List, to their spam folder. If you are an existing contact of the Receiver, there is a much greater likelihood that your email will be received directly, instead of being directed to the spam folder.