What type of person wears HEXAPODA jewelry?

This is a difficult question to answer definitively and its never easy to generalize.

While we feel there’s something in The HEXAPODA Collection for everyone – including men – it’s true say, it takes a certain independence of spirit to wear a provocative jewelry item like ours.

From the research and feedback we’ve received, our jewelry is popular with a wide group of people interested in subjects as varied as the environment, nature, healthy living, art, jewelry and of course, insects.

We’ve also seen an increase in businessmen – and women – wanting to incorporate an element of their personality into their professional image.

However, one thing for sure about our jewelry, is that it rarely goes unnoticed. It’s a great conversation starter – which presents an excellent opportunity to mention the importance of insects – but it’s also a great communicator – highlighting the wearer’s individuality and independent sense of style.

If you don’t mind being noticed, the jewelry from The HEXAPODA Collection may be for you!